What’s this site about?

On this site, Kitty shares her test results, builds and other GW2-stuffs she comes up with.

The page ish under construction and will take long time to complete due to sheer amount of content incoming. And Kitty's also working and she has a guild to manage. But slowly this shall proceed.

Kitty originally started testing various builds due to benchmarking guilds focusing only on the strongest variations of class/build combos and not publishing any test results for other builds.

So, Kitty's aiming for a few things with what she's doing:
1. Showing the potential of alternative builds.
2. Showing the actual differences between builds as raid/fractal community greatly overexaggerates them. ("Power deadeye is trash and trash builds shouldn't be used in raids" - summary of some people's attitudes. Btw, power d/d deadeye only loses by about 10-15% to raid accepted builds and literally anyone should be able to draw out it's full potential.)
3. Providing some numbers for those interested in non-popular builds.
And one thing Kitty has noticed is that lots of people forget that build's golem potential doesn't necessarily tell anything about it's potential at various raid bosses ('cause this thing called "DPS uptime" and bad players playing super-high potential builds still do noticeably worse DPS than a player playing a super-easy (though 20% lower potential) build. Skill > Build. [1]

Most of the time, Kitty’s somewhat derpy player so her test results will also include the “how difficult it is to play this rotation?”-factor (aka. “derp-factor”). She will set 8 full benchmark attempts as ultimate maximum to keep the benchmarks realistic.
[1] Kitty once had to seriously try-hard on her DH at Gors when some good d/d deadeye declared he'd be the top DPS and Kitty wanted to deny that. Kitty won by 0,2k DPS (and she did high enough DPS to be in top 10% among DHs) and other DHs lost by few thousands DPS. That deadeye was in top 1%.

Kitty's Youtube channels:
Kittymarks (test results)
KittysamaRT (Raid and Fractal videos on various builds)