Condi DPS Druid (Outdated)

Unless your raid squad only has one other druid and you want the druid boofs, Kitty suggests using using Condi DPS Ranger or Condi DPS Soulbeast instead.


Condi DPS Druid is a versatile DPS build with decent support capabilities, though at heavy cost to damage. It has good DPS-uptime, thanks to good range, but since it's as much a support build as it is a DPS-build, it's best off staying close to squad which clearly reduces it.
It mainly uses shortbow and axe+torch as weapons, though dagger is also an option with slightly lower DPS(~6-8%). Condiranger uses mainly Lynx and Eagle/Hawk as DPS-pets, though it can also use Electric Wyvern and Pink Moa for decent CC.

Condidruid has a simple DPS-rotation, but weaving support skills optimally into the rotation might require some thinking. But then again, supportive condidruid doesn't use traps like its pure DPS counterpart.
Condidruid has decent survivability as it can access Celestial Avatar, but the main use for Celestial Avatar as condidruid is to grant Grace of the Land DPS boost to nearby allies. Though condidruid usually uses supportive utility skills in squad content, it can also use glyphs for some CCing.


Personal Single-Target DPS43%
Personal AoE-DPS30%
DPS/Support uptime65%
CC capability50%
Support Capability60%

+Good support capabilities while being a DPS
+Can provide squad with some supporting heals
+Good survivability

+Good DPS uptime
+Easy rotation
+Decent CC ability (though at the cost of support-ability)
+In soloplay, can use pet to tank stuff
+One of the best options for VG green duty

-Quite low damage for a DPS-build, thus mainly used as secondary healer if squad doesn't need 2 main healers
-Very weak on CC if using DPS-pets and support utilities
-Needs to stay near squad to provide boons, thus limited range-ability
-Relies on consumables and full viper's equipment for condiduration since traits give none
-Somewhat expensive to gear up


Set 1:

Viper's Axe
- Superior Sigil of Malice
Viper's Torch
-Superior Sigil of Geomancy.png Superior Sigil of Geomancy

Set 2:
Viper's Shortbow
- Superior Sigil of Agony
-Superior Sigil of Earth.png Superior Sigil of Earth

-Dagger also works for off-hand with 6-8% DPS loss
-Axe/Torch also works as only weapons, but the damage loss is about 25% while Axe+Torch/Dagger has about 15-20% damage loss.


-Head: Viper's
-Shoulders: Viper's
-Chest: Viper's
-Gloves: Viper's
-Legs: Viper's
-Boots: Viper's

-2 x Superior Rune of the Trapper
-4 x Superior Rune of the Nightmare

Backpiece: Viper's

Accessory 1: Viper's
Accessory 2: Viper's
Amulet: Viper's
Ring 1: Viper's
Ring 2: Viper's

 Rare Veggie Pizza 
Utility:  Furious Focusing Crystal

-If you mainly raid with high alacrity upkeep, you can swap Superior Sigil of Earth.png Superior Sigil of Earth to Superior Sigil of Geomancy for 2 extra stacks of bleed.

Weapon Skills

Celestial Avatar








Utility Skills

Basic support utilities


-Use Glyph of the Tides.pngGlyph of the Tides and Entangle.pngEntangle instead of Sun Spirit.pngSun Spirit and Spirit of Nature.pngSpirit of Nature to capture towers quickly if you're assigned to tower in Stronghold Escort.
-Use Glyph of the Tides.pngGlyph of the Tides instead of Sun Spirit.pngSun Spirit or Frost Spirit.pngFrost Spirit at Vale Guardian to push the seeker orbs away.




Condidruid has one of the easiest DPS-rotations and it utilizes  Quick Draw.pngQuick Draw heavily to use the strongest DPS skills more often. But to make matters more interesting, condidruid also needs to keep up Grace of the Land which requires condidruid to include Celestial Avatar into the rotation.
Make sure you have shortbow equipped when approaching enemies and try to stay behind or on the side of the enemy to get boosts to your shortbow skills. Lay down spirits next to the squad and try to stay near squad to provide them with Grace of the Land and Glyph of Empowerment as much as possible.

So, the rotation is pretty much...
-Start with setting up spirits and resummon them when they expire.
-When approaching, use shortbow 4 and 2 and then swap to axe+torch.
-When using axe+torch, start with torch 5 (Bonfire) and then spam skills as they come off the CD.
-Use Celestial Avatar whenever it's off the CD and use Celestial Avatar 4-3-2 and exit Celestial Avatar. Use it after using strongest weapon skill if you swapped weapons just before CA came off the CD.
-Spam Glyph of Empowerment whenever it's off the cooldown and you're not in Celestial Avatar.

If you're using Lynx/Eagle/Hawk, use F2 whenever it's off the CD. Kitty prefers Lynx as though birds do slightly more DPS, you can easily forget about them as they only have 6 second cooldown and thus must be spammed a lot which quickly kills the DPS advantage.

Additional tips:
-If squad is lacking on CC, you can use Electric Wyvern or Pink Moa or both to vastly increase your CC-capability, though with a little nerf to DPS.
-If you won't have 100% alacrity on you, stay in shortbow spamming 2 and 4 for a few secs longer than swap would allow to let Bonfire get off the CD so it can be Quick Drawn again.


No videos about condidruid. Kitty doesn't like speed runs ('cause she cares about getting stuff done, not /gg'ing a dozen times just to show-off) and pure builds tend to work better on pug runs <.<
If you still feel like playing condidruid, however...


Vale Guardian
-Due to condiranger's good range, you might get assigned to green duty. Thus, try to use Celestial Avatar between the greens to grant
-If the squad is CCing Gors, use Electric Wyvern and Pink Moa.
-If the squad is doing No Updrafts-tactic, make sure you have lynx equipped to avoid accidentally CCing. Also, avoid using SB 4 during Gors' rampage/breakbar phase.
-Talk to other druids about in which order you use Entangles to stop the spirits.
Stronghold Escort
-If you're in ground squad, save Entangle for frontwarg to prevent it from reaching Glenna.
-If you're in tower squad, go in middle of the tower and use Entangle-Glyph of the Tides to push the mobs to edges and hold them there while tower gets insta-capped. If that doesn't work on first try, heal to stay alive, try to kill some mobs and spam Glyph of Tides.


Kitty doesn't play condidruid in Fractals. Condiranger tends to work way better there and if you keep dying much, learn to move, git gud.