Condi DPS Mirage (Outdated)

NOTE: This guide is outdated and waiting for update.

Condi DPS Mirage is a new melee/ranged condi DPS build that uses phantasms to apply lots of condistacks on targets. Mirage shines at long boss fights but lacks AoE-damage so it needs allies to cleave the mobs between boss fights effectively.
Since mirage relies a lot on phantasms for damage, it won't lose too much damage when moving away from boss for various mechanics (for ex. greens at VG), further helps by scepter's decent range. But phantasms are also mirage's weakness as if they get AoE'd down, it will take some time to summon them again and to keep this downtime as low as possible, condimirage needs to avoid activating the heal signet.
To help condimirage stay at melee-range for axe'ing the enemy, mirage's evade is replaced with Mirage Cloak that grants the same ol' evasion without dodge-rolling. And this won't mean that mirage would lose mobility as mirage also gets superspeed-buff with mirage cloak.
Mirage mainly has pistol's Magic Bullet and Signet of Humility for CC, but if there's another mesmer/mirage/chrono in squad, they can alternate the Signet to quickly destroy the breakbars despite long CD.

Personal Single-Target DPS85%
Personal AoE-DPS45%
DPS uptime70%
CC capability60%
Support Capability0%

+Good single-target DPS

+Decent DPS uptime
+Easy rotation
+Strong CC skill (with a long CD)
+Good survivability with all the Mirage Cloak-evades available
+Doesn't lose much damage even when unable to attack as long as phantasmal duelists are alive
+Can retarget phantasms to avoid summoning them again between targets as long as they're retargeted before previous target dies

-Needs to stay in melee-range for best DPS
-Relies a lot on phantasms for damage
-Has very low AoE-damage
-About 20-24 seconds ramp-up time and can't self-heal during that period
-> Mainly good for bosses
-Doesn't have empty utility slots to swap like the vanilla mesmer counterpart
-Nonexistent support capability


Set 1:

Viper's Axe
-Superior Sigil of Malice
Viper's Pistol
-Superior Sigil of Earth.png Superior Sigil of Earth

Set 2:
Viper's Scepter
-Superior Sigil of Malice
Viper's Torch
-Superior Sigil of Geomancy.pngSuperior Sigil of Geomancy

For pulling enemies, you can swap torch to focus at slight DPS nerf.


-Head: Viper's
-Shoulders: Viper's
-Chest: Viper's
-Gloves: Viper's
-Legs: Viper's
-Boots: Viper's

-6 x  Superior Rune of the Berserker.pngSuperior Rune of the Berserker

Backpiece: Viper's

Accessory 1: Viper's
Accessory 2: Viper's
Amulet: Viper's
Ring 1: Viper's
Ring 2: Viper's

Rare Veggie Pizza
Utility: Furious Focusing Crystal

-You can alternatively use 2x Superior Rune of the Trapper.png Superior Rune of the Trapper and 4x Superior Rune of the Nightmare.pngSuperior Rune of the Nightmare to get almost full condiduration while using Grieving rings, accessories and Superior Sigil of Bursting.pngSuperior Sigil of Bursting instead of Superior Sigil of Malice.

Weapon Skills



+Focus (for pulling stuff together)

Utility Skills



-If you feel like you can do enough retargeting with axe 3 alone, you can swap Illusionary Ambust-utility to some other useful skill, like Feedback or Mantra of Distraction if needed.

Note: You can alternatively use full condiduration equipments and swap Dune Cloak for Infinite Horizon to get lots more condition stacks from illusions casting ambush skills with you. As trade-off, you'll lose about 8% condition damage from equipment stats and 2 guaranteed bleed stacks from Dune Cloak.


Condimirage's DPS output is heavily dependent on Illusionary Duelist-phantasms and thus mirage wants to keep them up as much as possible.
Otherwise the condimirage gameplay is rather simple, with the following rules:
-Start the fight with Sc+Torch, torch 5 -> torch 4 -> Swap -> Illusionary Ambush -> pistol 4 -> heal signet -> pistol 4 then skillspam 'til you get 3rd Illusionary Duelist summoned (which should happen around 15-20 secs into the fight depending on if you have alacrity).
If you don't have alacrity, swap to scepter asap after summoning 2nd duelist to use scepter 3 and auto-attack 'til swap is available to summon 3rd duelist and start the actual rotation.
-Stay in axe+pistol for 10 seconds, starting with axe 3 and auto-attacking 'til you can use axe 3 again and autoattack once more to trigger Imaginary Axes-ambush skill. Use evade once while auto-attacking during axe+pistol phase to trigger another ambush.
-Stay in scepter+torch for 12 seconds, starting with scepter 3 and then auto-attacking 'til you can use scepter 3 again. Try to use your Mirage Cloak-evades while auto-attacking with scepter to trigger Ambush skill twice for quick 8 condistacks.
-Use Illusionary Ambush-utility somewhere during scepter+torch-phase for another mirage cloak+ambush or to quickly port back to melee-range.
-If there's an anti-melee mechanic going on, stay in scepter+torch until it's safe to melee again.
-Don't use axe 3/Illusionary Ambush if there's some mechanic going on where their random location swapping could get you killed, like Sabetha's Flamethrower, blues at VG or during Arkk's shield against Nightmare boss' nukes.
-Avoid using shatters unless you really need to as shattering seriously nerfs your damage.
-If the enemy's about to die and there's another enemy nearby that you'd need to DPS heavily on, use axe 3/Illusionary Ambush to retarget the phantasms before the previous enemy dies.

Note: these are Kitty's observation and deductions from short playing time during PVP-demo, videos she's watched, GW2-wiki she's read and her inner GW2-library. The rotation stuffs are subject to change if Kitty finds better stuffs during 


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