Condi DPS Renegade (Outdated)

NOTE: This guide is outdated and waiting for update.

Condi DPS Renegade is a optimally melee-based condi-DPS build with a rather easy rotation, though it requires good movement to shine and survive. It has good single-target DPS, excellent AoE-DPS and some useful support traits, but it's very lacking on CCs.
Thanks to Renegade's new weapon shortbow, it can also do decent ranged DPS though like usually with ranged weapons, Kitty didn't find it as good DPS as ol' good mace+axe. But renegade's new elite skill  Soulcleave's Summit makes condi renegade very wanted for squads.

Of course, Kitty's only got to try the renegade during the PVP-demo, so she can only derive from what she's seen during that, what she's read from wiki and her knowledge on condirev. None the less, its improved support capabilities and Kalla's Fervor giving 20% condidamage boost and 20% critical damage makes it a very potential party member.

Personal Single-Target DPS83%
Personal AoE-DPS90%
DPS uptime75%
CC capability33%
Support Capability60%

+Good condi-DPS output, especially against moving targets and Cairn

+Decent DPS uptime thanks to leaps and good range on shortbow
+Easy rotation
+Gives 225 ferocity to 5 squadmates.
+Grants a very strong life siphon to teammates when in Renegade Stance
+Access to Resistance to draw in and nullify condis
+Can apply and blast Fire fields a LOT for extra might.
+Can boonstrip a bit

-Requires good movement and evade timing to shine
-Requires renegade to avoid standing in front of the enemy for optimal DPS output

-May feel lacking on self-heals though does have decent AoE-heal


Mace/Axe variant (Melee)
Set 1:

Viper's Mace
-Superior Sigil of Malice
Empty off-hand

Set 2:
Empty main-hand
Viper's Axe
-Superior Sigil of Smoldering

Mace+Axe/Shortbow (Melee/ranged)
Set 1:
Viper's Mace
-Superior Sigil of Malice
Viper's Axe
-Superior Sigil of Smoldering

Set 2:
Viper's Shortbow
-Superior Sigil of Smoldering
-Superior Sigil of Malice


-Head: Viper's
-Shoulders: Viper's
-Chest: Viper's
-Gloves: Viper's
-Legs: Viper's
-Boots: Viper's

-2 x Superior Rune of the Trapper
-4 x Superior Rune of the Nightmare

Backpiece: Viper's

Accessory 1: Viper's
Accessory 2: Viper's
Amulet: Viper's
Ring 1: Viper's
Ring 2: Viper's

Plate of Fire Flank Steak or Rare Veggie Pizza (if using Sigil of Geomancy)
Utility:  Toxic Focusing Crystal or Furious Focusing Crystal (if using Sigil of Geomancy)

-You can swap Superior Sigil of Malice to Superior Sigil of Geomancy to apply 3 more AoE bleed-stacks per 9 secs at the cost of 10%u condiduration (~3% less DPS).

Weapon Skills




Utility Skills

Legendary Demon Stance

Legendary Renegade Stance

-For more stable damage across the fight, you can swap Swift Termination to Assassin's Annihilation.

-For more stable damage across the fight, you can swap Swift Termination to Assassin's Annihilation.


Condirev's rotation is very easy as it's mainly spamming a few skills whenever they're off the CD. The basic rules about it are...

-Start the fight in Renegade Stance and use Soulcleave's Summit-elite whenever you're in Renegade and use Embrace the Darkness-elite skill whenever you're in Demon.
-When you run out of energy, swap stance. You can also start the combo in one stance and swap to another to continue the combo if energy runs out.

-Try to stay in melee-range and use mace+axe as you main weapons due to lower activation times and higher damage multipliers and use shortbow if enemy's moving faster than you can while DPSing or has occasional anti-melee mechanics.
-If you're far away from the enemy when fight starts, close the gap with Frigid Blitz (axe 4) to engage the enemy and set up Soulcleave's Summit.
-When wielding mace+axe, use Temporal Rift (axe 5) and Searing Fissure (mace 2) as much as possible and remember to blast them with Echoing Eruption (mace 3) to blast a double fire field, granting 6 stacks of might.
Simplified: faceroll 523123 whenever you can. You can also use this combo to close the gap to the enemy if you're not far away.
-Auto-attack when the aforementioned skills are on cooldown.
-You can also start the combo in one stance and swap to another to continue the combo if energy runs out, like axe 5-mace 2-swap-mace 3.
-If there's a pause to DPSing while in combat (for ex. VG splitting), swap to whichever stance's elite you want to use for longer time so it can recharge past 50% while waiting.
-If you know enemy's about to get a breakbar, save your shortbow 5 and axe 5 to help the squad break it faster and make sure you're in Renegade stance. Darkrazor's Daring-utility also dazes which helps at it.

So, the rotation looks somewhat like this when using mace+axe...(though not exactly 'cause stance CD and skill CDs don't align so follow the instructions above).

1. Embrace the Darkness (0)
2. Temporal Rift (5)
3. Searing Fissure (2)
4. Echoing Eruption (3)
5. Auto-attack (1)
6. Searing Fissure (2)
7.  Echoing Eruption (3)
8. Swap to Dwarf (F1)
9. Soulcleave's Summit (0)
10. Auto-attack (1)
11. Searing Fissure (2)
12. Echoing Eruption (3)
13. Auto-attack (1)
14. Searing Fissure (2)
15. Echoing Eruption (3)
16. Swap to Demon (F1)
and repeat from 1.

When DPSing from range with shortbow, there's certain limitations that are good to know...
-Embrace the Darkness has small radius so use the demon stance only to recharge the energy, don't use the elite skill.
-Soulcleave's Summit has 360 radius so try to drop it near the squad when entering Renegade Stance. But not on squad if enemy does AoEs as renegade summons can be killed.
-If the enemy moves a lot across wide area, predict and try to leave Soulcleave's Summit somewhere in middle of its movement path and dismiss when squad's moved past it.

So, with these in mind, let's see the shortbow ranged rotation.
1. Soulcleave's Summit (0)
2. Sevenshot (3)
3. Bloodbane Path (2)
4. Scorchrazor (5)
5. Spiritcrush (4) (lays a fire field)
7: Bloodband Path (2)
8. Sevenshot (3) (79% chance to trigger projectile finisher on above firefield)
9. Auto-attack (1)
10: Bloodband Path (2)
11: Swap Stance and repeat from 2.

Additional tips:
-If playing the variant with shortbow at bosses, check from options that you have "Snap ground target to current target" on to insta-target shortbow skills on enemy.

-If squad lacks boon rip on boon-heavy bosses, you can do that by using Banish Enhancement-demon utility.
-If enemies like to throw tons of conditions on your squad and squad doesn't have good condi cleanse (often happens with bad druids), you can use Pain Absorbtion-demon utility to drag condis to yourself and not suffer the condidamage, thanks to resistance it grants.
-If you don't have a fancy gaming mouse and you're good at clicking stuff fast, Kitty does suggest clicking Embrace the Darkness and Soucleave's Summit instead of moving left-hand from movement keys to press them. Though if you play with laptop's trackpad, it doesn't really matter.

Since renegade wasn't available as per the time of writing this guide, here's some condirev vids with very similar gameplay, main difference being lack of shortbow.


Mursaat Overseer (Condirev)
Samarog (Condirev)
Stronghold Escort (Condirev, incomplete)

Vale Guardian
-If you're doing greens, start with mace+axe, then swap to shortbow when first green appears. Run to green and keep DPSing with shortbow until next green appears. Then, when the green is about to pop, swap to mace+axe and when it's popped teleport to boss with Frigid Blitz and melee it for 8 seconds.