Condi DPS Soulbeast (Outdated)

NOTE: This guide is outdated and waiting for update.


Condi DPS Soulbeast is versatile DPS build with potent single-target and AoE damage from close and mid-ranges. It mainly uses dagger+dagger and axe+torch as weapons, though shortbow is also an option with slightly lower DPS and higher DPS uptime. Condi soulbeast mainly uses Lynx and Bristleback as DPS-pets to merge with, though it can also use Electric Wyvern and Pink Moa for decent CC at a mediocre DPS-loss. Gameplay-wise condi soulbeast has lots of similarities with vanilla condi DPS ranger.

Condi soulbeast has rather easy priority-based off-the-CD type rotation with some rules to it but it's not an easy build to play as it spends half of the time in melee-range and having only one heal makes it very difficult to keep up HP without moving and evading well.


Personal Single-Target DPS85%
Personal AoE-DPS75%
DPS uptime68%
CC capability37%
Support Capability10%

+Good condi-DPS output in multiple forms of condidamage

+Better than average DPS uptime (good with slight DPS loss)
+Easy-ish rotation (almost idiotproof)
+Good immobilizing abilities if needed (Superb for backwarg)
+Decent CC ability (with mediocre loss of DPS)
+One of the best options for VG green duty (if using shortbow)

-Squishy and attacks from melee-range with dagger+dagger so requires very good movement and evade timing to survive
-Very weak on CC if using DPS-pets
-Nonexistent support ability
- Needs to visit short-range every now and then to set up traps and Bonfire (even if using shortbow)
-Relies on consumables and full viper's equipment for condiduration since traits give little
-Quite expensive to gear up
-Loses a lot of DPS in soloplay if tanking with pet


Set 1:

Viper's Axe
-Superior Sigil of Malice
Viper's Torch
-Superior Sigil of Geomancy.png Superior Sigil of Geomancy

Set 2:
Viper's Dagger
-Superior Sigil of Malice
Viper's Dagger
-Superior Sigil of Geomancy.png Superior Sigil of Geomancy

-You can also replace daggers with shortbow with some DPS-loss for better ranged DPS-uptime and to survive better against melee-hating bosses.


-Head: Viper's
-Shoulders: Viper's
-Chest: Viper's
-Gloves: Viper's
-Legs: Viper's
-Boots: Viper's

-2 x Superior Rune of the Trapper
-4 x Superior Rune of the Nightmare

Backpiece: Viper's

Accessory 1: Viper's
Accessory 2: Viper's
Amulet: Viper's
Ring 1: Viper's
Ring 2: Viper's

 Rare Veggie Pizza 
Utility:  Furious Focusing Crystal

Weapon Skills

Merged Lynx Skills


Merged Bristleback Skills






Variant: Shortbow


Utility Skills

Basic DPS set


-If you don't have another ranger/druid to use Sun Spirit.pngSun Spirit for you, use it instead of Viper's Nest.pngViper's Nest

Escort Backwarg


Note: Use Jungle Spider as pet when soloing backwarg.


-If you see that the support classes in your party have issues keeping up might, fury and quickness on you during raids, you can swap Predator's Cunning.pngPredator's Cunning for Essence of Speed.pngEssence of Speed.
-If squad lacks a druid to use Spotter, you can use it with a loss of some DPS.


Condiranger has one of the easiest rotations and it utilizes  Quick Draw.pngQuick Draw heavily to use the strongest DPS skills after swap and again when they come off from CD. Otherwise it's just spamming condi weapon skills, beast skills and utilities whenever they come off from CD in DPS-priority order. Make sure you have dagger+dagger equipped when approaching enemies and try to stay to the side or behind the enemy for crit rate boost.

So it's pretty much like...(Remember, this is just sample and don't follow it blindly but with stuffs written above in mind!)
1. Crippling Talon (5)
2. Instinctive Engage(3)
3. Stalker's Strike (4)
4. Double Arc (2)
5. Swap (§)
6. Bonfire (5)
7. Splitblade(2)
8. Winter's Bite (3)
9. Throw Torch (4)
10. Maul (F2)
11. Bite (F1)
12. Splitblade (2)
13. Bonfire (5)
14. Winter's Bite (3)
12. Swap (§)
15. Crippling Talon (5)
14. Double Arc (2)
15. Stalker's Strike (4)
16. Auto-attack (1) /apply traps (if not on CD)
17. Crippling Talon (5)
18. Double Arc (2)
Repeat from 5.

For mainly melee-range combat, Kitty suggests using Lynx and for ranged combat Bristleback.

Additional tips:
-If squad is lacking on CC, you can use Electric Wyvern or Pink Moa or both to vastly increase your CC-capability with noticeable nerf to DPS.


No videos yet since this guide was written 5 days prior to Path of Fire. The tips below are taken from similarities between this and condi DPS ranger.

Vale Guardian
-Due to condiranger's good range, you might get assigned to green duty. In such case, use shortbow instead of dagger+dagger to have way higher DPS uptime.
Try to time your rotation so that you could drop Bonfires and traps at the boss between greens. If that isn't possible, Quick-Draw Throw Torch instead.
-If the squad is CCing Gors, drop Beastmode and use Electric Wyvern and Pink Moa.
-If the squad is doing No Updrafts-tactic, make sure you have lynx equipped to avoid accidentally CCing. Also, avoid using SB 4 during Gors' rampage/breakbar phase.
-Talk to druids about in which order you use Entangles to stop the spirits.
Stronghold Escort
-If you're in ground squad, save Entangle for frontwarg to prevent it from reaching Glenna.
-If you're doing the backwarg, try to have as many immobilizes as possible available so you won't have to run around the backwarg and risk stepping into a mine. Use Jungle Spider outside beast mode for extra immobilize. Also, use shortbow instead of axe+torch.


No vids yet.