Update: Kitty's finally started testing the builds again! This time she aims to start with metabuilds to have a proper comparison point and then extending towards alternatives.
Meanwhile, Kitty's also recording videos of various builds she's tested at various raid bosses. 
You can find them here!

Note: These aren't super-duper highest-ever benchmarks but something any full ascended-geared player should reach within a few tries. Check Info-tab for current test setting, known flaws and other important informations about these tests.
Kitty's averaging at about 75%-85% of SC's benchmarks on most builds (depending on difficulty).
On GW2Raidar's statistics, Kitty usually performs bit or 2 above average (usually top 15-20% on metabuilds) but she's far from top 1%.

Videos of each test are watchable at Kittymarks Youtube-channel. Older test results can be found on this page.
If you're looking for highest possible super-optimized metanumbers, Kitty suggests going to instead. <.<

100% is set at 34 000 DPS. All tests are done on Standard Kitty Golem (Small hitbox, 4M HP).
Boons used:
-25 Might, Fury, Vigor, Swiftness, Quickness, Alacrity, Regeneration,
-Banners, Empower Allies, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit, Spotter (and Pinpoint Distribution on condi classes since other benchmarkers use it, too and retaliation for DH).
Kitty's now using Logitech G502 gaming mouse with mousebinds for utilities, heal and elite skils.

Power Deadeye 31508 (Rifle, about 40-50 attempts)93%
Condi Renegade 29784 (Mace+Axe, Invocation Demon+Assassin)88%
Power Dragonhunter 28338 (Scepter+Torch/Greatsword, Zeal+Radiance)83%
Power DPS Berserker 27979 (Axe+Axe)82%
Power Deadeye 27618 (Dagger+Dagger)81%
Power DPS Berserker 27359 (Axe+Axe, Deimos edition)80%
Power Dragonhunter 27191 (Sword+Torch/Greatsword, Zeal+Radiance)80%
Power Renegade 26840 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Assassin)79%
Power Dragonhunter 26804 (Scepter+Torch, Zeal+Radiance)79%
Power Deadeye 26594 (Dagger+Dagger Auto attack)78%
Power Daredevil 26321 (Staff, Huge hitbox)77%
Power Thief 26293 (Dagger+Dagger)77%
Power Herald 25543 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Assassin)75%
Power Dragonhunter 24649 (Sword+Torch, Zeal+Radiance)72%
Power Deadeye 24267 (Sword+Pistol Auto attack)71%
Power Deadeye 23483 (Sword+Pistol Whip)69%
Power Thief 22501 Dagger+Dagger Auto-Attack)66%
Power Banner Berserker 22253 (Axe+Axe, EA)65%
Power Deadeye 21395 (Pistol+Pistol)63%
Boonbot Herald 21122 (Sword+Sword, Dragon+Assassin)62%
Power Thief 21014 (Pistol+Pistol)62%
Power Daredevil 19720 (Pistol+Pistol)58%
Power DPS Berserker 16572 (Rifle, Deimos edition)49%
Power Banner Berserker 12918 (Rifle, EA, Deimos edition)38%

How the tests will be done?
-Full Ascended gears (unless otherwise specified on some special builds. Kitty has 9 full bank tabs of ascended gears just to test builds extensively.)

-Scholar’s runes for power and 2xTrapper’s + 4xNightmare runes for condi [1]
-No stat infusions. Kitty (and 99% of other players) ish too poor for them
-Berserker’s for power and Viper’s for condi, Grieving for hybrids
   -if condiduration goes over 100%, Sinister trinkets may be included, as              well as some Assassin's trinkets if the build needs them for crit rate.
-Kitty uses “MH+OH/MH+OH” format for weapon sets
-Kitty will be also testing some “inferior non-meta builds” to see how non-optimal weapons/specs/traits fare when compared to other classes. [2]
-The maximum test attempts per build will be limited to 8. [3]
-Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup and Tin of Fruitcake for power builds and Rare Veggie Pizza/Fire Flank Steak and Toxic Focusing Crystal/Furios Tuning Crystal for condi builds.
-The test parameters will be pretty much same as SC’s, expecting the player’s subsquad to have Chrono+Druid+PS Warrior(+engi for condibuilds) and 2 DPS. Thus…
  1. Boons: 25 Might, Fury, Quickness, Vigor, Swiftness, alacrity, regeneration.
  2. Class-specific: Spotter, Frost Spirit, Sun Spirit, Empower All, Banner of Strenght, Banner of Discipline
  3. Golem:
       -Small hitbox, 4.000.000 health, All condis (unless it would lead to unrealistic               results with condis that would be impossible to upkeep or class gets a boost               from condicount)
-Kitty uses Logitech G502 gaming mouse with utilities, heal skill and elite bound to mouse.
-Kitty's european and she plays on NA servers, so she has ~150-200ms ping. Kitty's reaction time is about 270ms (and Kitty's horrible at focusing) which combined means almost double in-game reaction time and derpier gameplay than most EU/US players.

Notes: [0] Kitty can’t afford a full ascended armors specifially for just one build, so she’ll be using exotics for some special builds like Power PS Warrior (Strenght runes).
[1] Some consider Berserker’s runes as superior for condi, but the power-part in them doesn’t benefit most condibuilds much due to lack of ferocity and on most classes 25% condiduration gives more DPS than 5% condition damage. And since lots of people want to use same armor set across all 3 classes, 2xTrapper+4xNightmare’s is optimal choice for such.
[2] Thus when Kitty includes the non-optimal builds unlike big benchmarking guilds, her Kittymarks are way more expansive. People usually exaggerate the effect of various choices.
[3] qT’s and SC's metabuilds often have very long written rotations that big majority of players can’t replicate in actual raid/fractal situations. Kitty’s a fast learner (and she bothers with it more than most players) so 8 tries should be enough to provide a way test results than an average PUG players.
[4] Fractal pots pretty much add a flat 15% condi/direct damage boost for all classes/builds, so the damage order shouldn’t be much different than in here though the 225 precision boost from offensive pot slightly favours power classes (which in turn is mitigated by high toughness on bosses in higher fractals.
Of course the DPS up/downtime is a major factor to consider and due to mechanics at bosses, a good benchmark class with bad DPS uptime can be worse than a considerably weak DPS class with high DPS uptime. Therefore for ex. pistol/pistol power deadeye can do noticeably higher DPS than most classes when doing greens at VG.

Since "what's enough DPS for this boss?" seems to be quite a mystery, Kitty compiled the HP and enrage timer informations, watched some boss vids and committed some dark mathic to spell out some numbers about what's enough for safe kill.

"Recommended average DPS" = the least amount of total DPS the squad should have done during the entire encounter, measured by the time when boss dies. Excluding KC and Xera, Kitty seriously recommends staying above this number through the encounter or your squad risks enrage.
These numbers should be reached thru the mechanics, regardless of squad composition.

'Cause some commanders don't use DPS-meters and kick people on gut feeling, Kitty recommends using Arcdps to show some well-estimated numbers for educated opinion:

Btw, build nazism isn't good for communal health. So don't be a nazi, k?

Vale Guardian
Boss HP: 22 000 000
Enrage timer: 8 minutes (480 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 55 000

Gorseval the Multifarious
Boss HP: 21 600 000
Enrage timer: 7 minutes (420 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 70 000

Sabetha the Saboteur
Boss HP: 34 000 000
Enrage timer: 9 minutes (540 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 70 000

Boss HP: 19 000 000
Enrage timer: 7 minutes (420 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 60 000

Boss HP: 25 900 000
Enrage timer: 10 minutes (600 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 50 000

Recommended average DPS: 20 000 or higher

Keep Construct
Boss HP: 55 053 600
Enrage timer: 10 minutes (600 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 105 000 (get dem ley rifts!)

Boss HP: 22,611,300
Enrage timer: 11 minutes
Recommended average DPS: 90 000

Cairn the Indomitable
Boss HP: 20 000 000
Enrage timer: 8 minutes (480 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 45 000

Mursaat Overseer
Boss HP: 22 000 000
Enrage timer: 6 minutes (360 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 65 000

Boss HP: 29 439 000
Enrage timer: 11 minutes (660 seconds)
Recommended average DPS: 60 000

Boss HP: 36 000 000
Enrage timer: 12 minutes
Recommended average DPS: 65 000