Kittymarks Archive

This is the archive for Kitty's older benchmarks. You can find them in the tabs, separated by the era when they were tested.

100% is set at 32 000 DPS. Average Kitty Golem (Small hitbox, 4M HP).
Boons used:
-25 Might, Fury, Vigor, Swiftness, Quickness, 5 Grace of the Land, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit, Spotter, Empower Allies, Banners, Alacrity

Condi Soulbeast 31800 (Dagger+Torch / Dagger, OWP)99%
Condi Soulbeast 31537 (Dagger+Torch/Shortbow, OWP)99%
Condi Soulbeast 31020 (Dagger+Torch/Shortbow, Entangle)97%
Condi Renegade 29632 (Mace/Axe)93%
Condi Soulbeast 29255 (Axe+Torch/Shortbow, Entangle)91%
Condi Soulbeast 29214 (Axe+Torch/Shortbow, OWP)91%
Power Dragonhunter 29168 (Greatsword / Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender)91%
Power Deadeye 28774 (Dagger+Dagger)90%
Condi Weaver 28699 (FA+EA Scepter+Dagger, FGS)90%
Condi Soulbeast 28382 (Dagger+Dagger/Shortbow)89%
Condi Mirage 28086 (Axe+Pistol/Torch)88%
Condi Weaver 28000 (FA+EA Dagger+Dagger, FGS)88%
Power Thief 27949 (Dagger+Dagger)87%
Power Dragonhunter 27882 (Scepter/Torch, Unscathed Contender)87%
Condi Soulbeast 27819 (Dagger/Dagger)87%
Condi Weaver 27556 (FA+EA Scepter+Dagger)86%
Power Mesmer 27522 (Sword+Sword/Torch)86%
Condi Weaver 27424 (FA+EA Sword+Dagger, FGS)86%
Condi Soulbeast 27403 (Axe+Torch / Dagger)86%
Power Mesmer 27035 (Sword+Sword/Focus)84%
Condi Weaver 26673 (FA+EA Staff, FGS)83%
Power Guardian 26642 (Greatsword / Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender)83%
Power Guardian 26624 (Scepter/Torch, Unscathed Contender)83%
Power Guardian 26594 (Scepter+Focus/Torch, Unscathed Contender)83%
Power Daredevil 26559 (Dagger+Dagger)83%
Power Dragonhunter 26430 (Hammer / Greatsword, Unscathed Contender)83%
Power Dragonhunter 26426 (Greatsword / Scepter+Torch)83%
Condi Mirage 26367 (Scepter+Torch Pistol)82%
Power Mesmer 26352 (Sword+Sword/Pistol)82%
Power Daredevil 26302 (Staff)82%
Condi Revenant 26202 (Mace/Axe)82%
Power Dragonhunter 26188 (Greatsword / Scepter+Torch, Kindled Zeal)82%
Condi Weaver 26152 (FA+EA Staff)82%
Power Deadeye 26132 (Dagger+Pistol)82%
Condi Firebrand 26090 (Axe/Torch)82%
Power Dragonhunter 26057 (Scepter/Torch)81%
Power Thief 25929 (Dagger+Pistol)81%
Power Soulbeast 25858 (Sword/Axe)81%
Condi Weaver 25724 (FA+AA Dagger+Dagger, FGS)80%
Power Deadeye 25512 (Sword+Dagger)80%
Condi Holosmith 25360 (Pistol+Pistol)79%
Condi Weaver 25349 (FA+EA Sword+Dagger)79%
Condi Engineer 25332 (Pistol+Pistol)79%
Condiranger 25327 (Axe+Torch/Dagger)79%
Power DPS Chrono 25315 (Sword+Sword/Torch)79%
Condi Scourge 25225 (Scepter+Torch / Dagger)79%
Condi Scourge 25005 (Scepter/Torch)78%
Power Soulbeast 25003 (Greatsword/Sword+Axe)78%
Power Soulbeast 25000 (Longbow/Axe+Axe)78%
Condiranger 24851 (Axe+Torch/Shortbow)78%
Condi Firebrand 24735 (Scepter/Torch, Kitty rotation)76%
Condi Weaver 24701 (FA+AA Sword+Dagger, FGS)77%
Condi Weaver 24701 (FA+EA Dagger+Dagger)77%
Power Holosmith 24695 (Rifle+Bomb+Grenade, HS 3-1-3)77%
Condi Tempest 24622 (FA Dagger+Dagger, FGS)77%
Power Guardian 24583 (Greatsword / Hammer, Unscathed Contender)77%
Power Daredevil 24506 (Dagger+Pistol)77%
Power Holosmith 24444 (Sword+Pistol, HS 3-1-3)76%
Power Mirage 24409 (Axe+Sword/Torch)76%
Condi Tempest 24374 FA (Dagger+Warhorn, FGS)76%
Power Deadeye 24312 (Sword+Pistol)76%
Power Dragonhunter 24121 (Longbow / Greatsword, Unscathed Contender)75%
Condi Mesmer 24044 (Sword+Torch / Scepter+pistol)75%
Condi Mirage 24019 (Scepter+Pistol Staff)75%
Condi Weaver 23985 (FA+AA Dagger+Dagger)75%
Condi Mirage 23919 (Axe+Torch / Pistol, Clone Ambusher)75%
Condi Guardian 23861 (Scepter/Torch)75%
Condi Chrono 23815 (Scepter+Torch/Pistol)74%
Power Reaper 23718 (Greatsword)74%
Condi Guardian 23674 (Greatsword/Scepter+Torch)74%
Power Mesmer 23662 (Sword+Pistol/Torch)74%
Power/Might-support Deadeye 23636 (Dagger+Dagger, exotic armors)74%
Power Mesmer 23611 (Greatsword/Scepter+Sword)74%
Power Thief 23610 (Sword+Pistol)74%
Power Firebrand 23441 (Scepter/Torch, Unscathed Contender)73%
Condi Chrono 23395 ( Sword+Torch / Scepter+Pistol)73%
Condi Mesmer 23362 (Scepter+Pistol/Torch)73%
Power Guardian 23304 (Scepter/Torch)73%
Power Guardian 23143 (Scepter+Focus/Torch)72%
Condi Tempest 23133 (FA Dagger+Warhorn)72%
Power Holosmith 23123 (Sword+Pistol, HS 3-1-2)72%
Power Daredevil 23042 (Sword+Dagger)72%
Condi Tank Mirage 22995 (Axe+Pistol/Torch)72%
Condi Guardian 22873 (Sword/Torch)71%
Condi Reaper 22837 Greatsword / Scepter+Dagger)71%
Condi Tempest 22818 (FA Staff, FGS)71%
Power Guardian 22806 (Greatsword / Scepter+Torch, Retaliation traits)71%
Condi Tempest 22801 (FA Scepter+Warhorn, FGS)71%
Power Mesmer 22773 (Sword+Focus/Torch)71%
Condi Tempest 22772 (FA Scepter+Dagger, FGS)71%
Power Herald 22565 (Sword+Axe, EB variant)71%
Power Soulbeast 22558 (Dagger/Axe)71%
Power Dragonhunter 22531 (Hammer / Greatsword)70%
Power Herald 22491 (Sword/Axe, BoS variant)70%
Power Soulbeast 22361 (Axe/Axe)70%
Power Deadeye 22345 (Rifle)70%
Power Daredevil 22312 (Sword+Pistol)70%
Condi Reaper 22238 (Scepter/Dagger)70%
Power Mesmer 22181 (Scepter+Sword/Pistol)69%
Power Firebrand 22177 (Scepter / Torch)69%
Power Engineer 22131 (Rifle+Bomb, Easy Mode)69%
Condi Dragonhunter 22130 (Scepter/Torch)69%
Power Alacrity Chrono 22098 (Sword+Shield/Sword)69%
Power Engineer 22006 (Rifle+Grenade+Bomb)69%
Condi Firebrand 22005 (Scepter/Torch, qtfy rotation)69%
Condi Tempest 21994 (FA Dagger+Dagger)69%
Condi Dragonhunter 21894 (Greatsword / Scepter+Torch)68%
Condi Tempest 21434 (FA Scepter+Warhorn)67%
Power Guardian 21335 (Scepter/Torch, Retaliation traits)67%
Power Renegade 21176 (Sword+Axe/Staff)66%
Condi Daredevil 20998 (Dagger+Dagger, Solo)66%
Condi Dragonhunter 20613 (Longbow / Scepter+Torch)64%
Power Scrapper 20341 (Hammer)64%
Power Firebrand 20314 (Axe+Torch/Focus)63%
Condi Tempest 20241 (FA Scepter+Dagger)63%
Power Ranger 20137 (Sword/Axe)63%
Condi Mesmer 20035 (Scepter+Torch/Pistol, Mages, Compounding Power variant)63%
Condi Renegade 20012 (Shortbow)63%
Condi Tempest 19349 (FA Staff)60%
Condi Mesmer 19157 (Scepter+Torch/Pistol, Mages, the Pledge variant)60%
Power Berserker 19126 (Greatsword)60%
Condi Deadeye 19080 (Dagger/Dagger, Solo)60%
Power Ranger 18941 (Greatsword/Sword+Axe)59%
Power Ranger 18752 (Longbow/Axe+Axe)58%
Power Berserker 18545 (Axe+Axe/Torch)58%
Power Druid 18310 (Sw+Axe)57%
Power Reaper 18280 (Dagger+Focus / Axe+Warhorn)57%
Condi Tempest 16202 (EA Dagger+Dagger)51%
Condi Tempest 16066 (EA Staff)50%
Condi Dragonhunter 16023 (Longbow / Greatsword)50%
Condi Tempest 15467 (EA Scepter+Dagger)48%
Condi Deadeye 15455 (Pistol/Dagger)48%

100% is set at 30 000 DPS. All tests done on Average Kitty Golem (Small hitbox, 4M HP).
Boons used:
-25 Might, Fury, Vigor, Swiftness, Quickness
-Banners, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit, Alacrity

Condi Soulbeast 27194 (Shortbow/Dagger+Torch, Quick Draw)91%
Condi Clone Mirage 26692 (Axe+Pistol/Torch)89%
Condi Renegade 26547 (Mace+Axe, Dwarf+Demon)88%
Condi Phantasm Mirage 26407 (Axe+Pistol/Torch, Pistol Phantasms)88%
Condi Clone Mirage 26196 (Axe+Torch)87%
Condi Soulbeast 26153 (Dagger+Torch, Quick Drawing Bonfire on every swap)87%
Condi Clone Mirage 26087 (Axe+Sword/Torch)87%
Condi Soulbeast 26037 (Dagger+Torch, Vicious Quarry)87%
Condi Soulbeast 25816 (Dagger+Torch, Quick Drawing Bonfire every 2 swaps)86%
Condi Renegade 25551 (Mace+Axe, Renegade+Demon)85%
Power Deadeye 25305 (Dagger+Dagger, Stealth Attacks)84%
Condi Revenant 24737 (Mace+Axe)82%
Power Daredevil 24315 (Staff, with evades)81%
Power Deadeye 24310 (Dagger+Dagger, AA >25%, HS <25%. Revealed variant)81%
Power Soulbeast 23108 (Sword/Axe)77%
Power Daredevil 23103 (Staff, no evades)77%
Power Soulbeast 22974 (Sword+Axe/Longbow)77%
Power Soulbeast 21917 (Axe+Axe/Longbow)73%
Power Renegade 21878 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Demon)73%
Power Soulbeast 21877 (Greatsword/Sword+Axe)73%
Power Herald 21526 (Sword+Sword, Dward+Demon)72%
Power Revenant 21509 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Demon)72%
Power Deadeye 21241 (Sword+Pistol)71%
Power Herald 21088 (Sword+Axe, Dward+Demon)70%
Power Renegade 21072 (Sword+Sword, Renegade+Dwarf)70%
Power Herald 20572 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Dragon)69%
Power Renegade 20149 (Sword+Axe, Renegade+Dwarf)67%
Power Thief 20039 (Pistol+Pistol)67%
Power Deadeye 19056 (Pistol+Pistol)64%
Power Soulbeast 18909 (Longbow+Greatsword)63%
Power Renegade 16886 (Staff, Dwarf+Demon)56%
Power Renegade 16407 (Staff, Renegade+Dwarf)55%
Power Revenant 16386 (Mace+Sword, Dwarf+Demon)55%
Power Renegade 15703 (Staff, Renegade+Demon)52%
Power Boonbot Deadeye 15460 (Dagger+Dagger)51%
Power Renegade 14961 (Mace+Sword, Dwarf+Demon)50%
Power Boonbot Deadeye 12495 (Pistol+Pistol)42%
Ranged Power Herald 12396 (Hammer, Demon+Dragon)41%
Ranged Power Renegade 12364 (Hammer, Demon+Renegade)41%
Tank Boonbot Deadeye 10694 (Dagger+Dagger)36%
Mesmer placeholder10%
Revenant placeholder10%
Warrior Placeholder10%
Necrotic placeholder10%
Ele placeholder10%
Ranger placeholder10%
Teef placeholder10%
Engi placeholder10%
Guardian Placeholder10%
Necrotic placeholder10%

100% is set at 34 000 DPS. All tests are done on Standard Kitty Golem (Small hitbox, 4M HP).
Boons used:
-25 Might, Fury, Vigor, Swiftness, Quickness, Alacrity, Regeneration,
-Banners, Empower Allies, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit, Spotter (and Pinpoint Distribution on condi classes since other benchmarkers use it, too and retaliation for DH).
Kitty's now using Logitech G502 gaming mouse with mousebinds for utilities, heal and elite skils.

Power Deadeye 31508 (Rifle, about 40-50 attempts)93%
Condi Renegade 29784 (Mace+Axe, Invocation Demon+Assassin)88%
Power DPS Berserker 29147 (Axe+Axe)86%
Power Dragonhunter 28338 (Scepter+Torch/Greatsword, Zeal+Radiance)83%
Power Deadeye 27618 (Dagger+Dagger)81%
Power DPS Berserker 27359 (Axe+Axe, Deimos edition)80%
Power Dragonhunter 27191 (Sword+Torch/Greatsword, Zeal+Radiance)80%
Power Renegade 26840 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Assassin)79%
Power Dragonhunter 26804 (Scepter+Torch, Zeal+Radiance)79%
Power Deadeye 26594 (Dagger+Dagger Auto attack)78%
Power Daredevil 26321 (Staff, Huge hitbox)77%
Power Thief 26293 (Dagger+Dagger)77%
Power Herald 25543 (Sword+Sword, Dwarf+Assassin)75%
Power Dragonhunter 24649 (Sword+Torch, Zeal+Radiance)72%
Power Deadeye 24267 (Sword+Pistol Auto attack)71%
Power Deadeye 23483 (Sword+Pistol Whip)69%
Power Thief 22501 Dagger+Dagger Auto-Attack)66%
Power Banner Berserker 22253 (Axe+Axe, EA)65%
Power Deadeye 21395 (Pistol+Pistol)63%
Boonbot Herald 21122 (Sword+Sword, Dragon+Assassin)62%
Power Thief 21014 (Pistol+Pistol)62%
Power Daredevil 19720 (Pistol+Pistol)58%
Power DPS Berserker 16572 (Rifle, Deimos edition)49%
Power Banner Berserker 12918 (Rifle, EA, Deimos edition)38%

How the tests will be done?
-Full Ascended gears (unless otherwise specified on some special builds) [0]

-Scholar’s runes for power and 2xTrapper’s + 4xNightmare runes for condi [1]
-No stat infusions. Kitty (and 99% of other players) ish too poor for them
-Berserker’s for power and Viper’s for condi (No grieving before Grieving exotic insignia ish released).
-Kitty uses “MH+OH/MH+OH” format for weapon sets
-Kitty will be also testing some “inferior non-meta builds” to see how non-optimal weapons/specs/traits fare when compared to other classes. [2]
-The maximum benchmarking tries per build will be limited to 8. [3]
-Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup and Tin of Fruitcake for power builds and Rare Veggie Pizza/Fire Flank Steak and Toxic Focusing Crystal/Furios Tuning Crystal for condi builds.
-The test parameters will be pretty much same as qT’s, expecting the player’s party to have Chrono+Druid+PS Warrior(+engi for condibuilds) and 2 DPS. Thus…
  1. Boons: 25 Might, Fury, Quickness, Vigor, Swiftness.
  2. Class-specific: Alacrity, Spotter, Frost Spirit, Sun Spirit, 5xGrace of the Land, Empower All, Banner of Strenght, Banner of Discipline
  3. Golem:
       -Small hitbox, 4.000.000 health, 25 vulnerability (and possibly some class-
        specific condition)
-Kitty uses a normal keyboard and normal non-gaming mouse with 2 buttons and scroll for these tests so people without fancy gaming gears should perform as well with full ascended gears. And obviously peoples with gaming mice, custom keybinds and faster reaction time should perform way better.[5]
-Kitty's european and she plays on NA servers, so she has ~200ms ping. Kitty's reaction time is about 300ms (and Kitty has weakened focus 'cause stuff) which combined means almost double in-game reaction time and derpier gameplay than most. [6]

Notes: [0] Kitty can’t afford a full ascended armors specifially for just one build, so she’ll be using exotics for some special builds like Power PS Warrior (Strenght runes).
[1] Some consider Berserker’s runes as superior for condi, but the power-part in them doesn’t benefit most condibuilds much due to lack of ferocity and on most classes 25% condiduration gives more DPS than 5% condition damage. And since lots of people want to use same armor set across all 3 classes, 2xTrapper+4xNightmare’s is optimal choice for such.
[2] Thus when Kitty includes the non-optimal builds unlike that big benchmarking guild, her Kittymarks are way more expansive. People usually exaggerate the effect of various choices.
[3] qT’s metabuilds often have very long written rotations that big majority of players can’t replicate in actual raid/fractal situations. Kitty’s a fast learner (and she bothers with it more than most players) so 8 tries should be enough to provide a way better benchmark than an average PUG player could do.
[4] Fractal pots pretty much add a flat 15% condi/direct damage boost for all classes/builds, so the damage order shouldn’t be much different than in here though the 225 precision boost from offensive pot slightly favours power classes (which in turn is mitigated by high toughness on bosses in higher fractals.
Of course the DPS up/downtime is a major factor to consider and due to mechanics at bosses, a good benchmark class with bad DPS uptime can be worse than a considerably weak DPS class with high DPS uptime. Therefore for ex. burnguard does way higher DPS doing greens at VG than what power-DH would.
[5] Kitty does have a Logitech G502 gaming mouse waiting for the time she's done with the kittymarks.