8th May 2018 Balance Patch has arrived and Kitty’s testing again. She’ll update her test results here as she tests so stay tuned! However, to test further, Kitty won’t be uploading videos of her tests as it’d eat too much time and data.
Meanwhile, Kitty’s been recording videos of various builds she’s tested at various raid bosses.
You can find the links to them on Video Archive-page or Kitty’s Youtube-channel.

Note: These aren’t highest possible DPS potential test results but something what above average pugs (around 70-90th percentile) might do on tested builds. The point is to give some sort of guideline about how builds compare with various trait and weapon combinations as the differences can be surprisingly small and for some people alternative weapon combination might work better than optimal due to possibly easier rotation and more suitable playstyle. At least Kitty fails hardon some long/tight metarotations and does better by simplifying. (Kitless sword+shield holo ftw!)
If you’re looking for highest possible super-optimized metanumbers, Kitty suggests going to instead. <.<

Hint: Due to massive amount of builds tested, Kitty recommends using Ctrl+F and searching for the build you’re interested (for ex. “condi dragonhunter”). Kitty  uses “build class” format for clarity.

DPS: A pure DPS build
Condi: A build that focuses on condi damage, uses viper’s gears in most cases.
Power: A build that focuses on direct damage, uses berserker’s gears.
Renegade’s: The build uses Renegade’s runes.
C. Dur. Runes: The build uses 2xTrapper’s+4xNightmare runes.
Tank Condi/TB’s: The build uses Trailblazer’s gears with toughness+condi foods and other stuff what it’d use while tanking for ex. VG and Gors.
Tank/Power: Uses gears with toughness in addition to power DPS stats.

Due to limited text space, Kitty can’t go to full details describing builds but she’s tried to include enough info for people playing the class to deduce rest.

100% is set at 34 000 DPS. All tests are done on Standard Kitty Golem (Small hitbox, 4M HP) unless otherwise specified.
Boons used:
-25 Might, Fury, Vigor, Swiftness, Quickness, Alacrity, Regeneration, Protection
-Banners, Empower Allies, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit, Spotter (and Pinpoint Distribution on condi classes since other benchmarkers use it, too and retaliation for DH).
The rotations used are actual combat rotations with dropping banners and spirits and stuff in case of support classes for more realistic results.
Kitty’s now using Logitech G502 gaming mouse with mousebinds for utilities, heal and elite skils.
Note: Builds utilizing torment and confusion conditions do lower damage on golem than in actual raid situations. Also, Kitty’s not the best player around so her results on builds with difficult gameplay reflect what a bit above average player would pull on them after 1-1,5 hours of practise.

How the tests will be done?
-Full Ascended gears (unless otherwise specified on some special builds. Kitty has 9 full bank tabs of ascended gears just to test builds extensively.)
-By default, Scholar’s runes for power and 2xTrapper’s + 4xNightmare runes or Renegade’s runes for condi.
-No stat infusions. Kitty (and 99% of other players) ish too poor for them
-Berserker’s for power and Viper’s for condi, Grieving for hybrids.
-if condiduration goes over 100%, Sinister trinkets may be included (and mentioned) , as well as some Assassin’s trinkets if the build needs them for crit rate.
-Kitty uses “MH+OH/MH+OH” format for weapon sets
-Kitty will be also testing some “inferior non-meta builds” to see how non-optimal weapons/specs/traits fare when compared to other classes. [1]
-Consumables will be whatever’s the best common option for the build.
-The test parameters will be pretty much same as SC’s, expecting the player’s subsquad to have Chrono+Druid+PS Warrior(+engi for condibuilds) and 2 DPS.
-Kitty uses Logitech G502 gaming mouse with utilities, heal skill and elite bound to mouse.
-Kitty’s european and she plays on NA servers, so she has ~150-200ms ping. Kitty’s reaction time is about 270ms (and Kitty’s horrible at focusing) which combined
means almost double in-game reaction time and derpier gameplay than most EU/US players.

Notes: [0] Kitty can’t afford a full ascended armors specifially for just one build, so she’ll be using exotics for some special builds like Power PS Warrior (Strenght runes).
[1] Thus when Kitty includes the non-optimal builds unlike big benchmarking guilds, her Kittymarks are way more expansive. People usually exaggerate the effect of various choices.

Condi DPS Berserker 34139 (Huge Hitbox, Longbow/Sword+Torch, Renegade's, Trad. rotation)100%
Condi Banner Berserker 31132 (Huge Hitbox, Longbow/Sword+Torch, Renegade's)92%
Power Weaver 30787 (Huge hitbox, Staff Ice Bow, Nerfed by lack of skill.)91%
Condi Firebrand 30752 (Axe/Scepter+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's,) w/Allies90%
Condi Firebrand 30475 (Axe+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's) w/Allies90%
Condi Firebrand 30144 (Axe/Sword+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's,) w/Allies89%
Condi Firebrand 29384 (Axe/Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's,) w/Allies86%
Condi Firebrand 29292 (Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's,) w/Allies86%
Power Holosmith 29298 (Kitless Sword+X, Kitty's simplier-than-Keks rotation)86%
Tank Condi Berserker 29011 (Huge hitbox, Longbow/Sword+Torch, TB's, Trad. rotation)85%
Condi Soulbeast 28807 (Shortbow+Shortbow) Stanceshare85%
Condi DPS Berserker 28710 (Longbow/Sword+Torch, Renegade's, Trad. rotation)84%
Condi Firebrand 28597 (Scepter+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's,) w/Allies84%
Condi Firebrand 28582(Axe+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's,) w/Allies84%
Power Deadeye 28541 (Dagger+Dagger)84%
Condi Soulbeast 28500 (Shortbow) Stanceshare84%
Condi Firebrand 28442(Sword/Axe+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's,) w/Allies84%
Condi Soulbeast 28380 (Shortbow/Dagger+Torch) Stanceshare83%
Condi Renegade 28346 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Demon Invocation)83%
Power Dragonhunter 28066 (Greatsword/Scepter+Focus, Zeal+Radiance)83%
Condi Renegade 27988 (Mace+Axe, Dwarf+Demon Invocation)82%
Condi Mirage 27774 (Axe+Torch/Pistol)82%
Condi DPS Berserker 27547 (Sword+Torch, Renegade's)81%
Power Dragonhunter 27466 (Greatsword/Scepter+Torch, Zeal+Radiance)81%
Condi Soulbeast 27399 (Shortbow/Dagger+Dagger) Stanceshare81%
Condi Firebrand 27368 (Axe/Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's) Solo80%
Condi Renegade 27345 (Shortbow, Demon+Assassin Invocation)80%
Condi Renegade 27305 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Demon Devastation)80%
Power DPS Berserker 27229 (Axe+Axe)80%
Condi Daredevil 27214 (Dagger+Dagger) w/Allies80%
Power Deadeye 27113 (Dagger+Dagger Auto-attack+HS+SF+Mark)80%
Condi Soulbeast 27010 (Dagger+Torch) Stanceshare79%
Condi Weaver 26989 (F/E Dagger+Dagger, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)79%
Power Deadeye 26867 (Dagger+Dagger, Invigorating Precision)79%
Condi Scourge 26822 (Scepter+Torch, Soul Reaping, Renegade's)79%
Power Deadeye 26812 (Rifle)79%
Condi Weaver 26692 (F/E Dagger+Focus, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)79%
Condi Mirage 26689 (Axe/Pistol)78%
Condi Renegade 26539 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Dwarf Invocation)78%
Condi Scourge 26533 (Scepter+Torch, Soul Reaping, C. Dur. Runes)78%
Power Weaver 26447 (Staff Ice Bow. Nerfed by lack of skill.)78%
Power Dragonhunter 26327 (Greastsword/Sword+Torch. Zeal+Radiance)77%
Condi Banner Berserker 26272 (Longbow/Sword+Torch, Renegade's)77%
Condi Renegade 26118 (Ranged Shortbow, Demon+Assassin Invocation)77%
Power Dragonhunter 26046 (Scepter/Torch, Zeal+Radiance)77%
Power Thief 26022 (Dagger+Dagger)77%
Condi Scourge 26011 (Scepter+Torch, Blood Magic Resses, C. Dur. Runes)76%
Condi Scourge 26009 (Scepter+Torch, Blood Magic Resses, Renegade's)76%
Condi Soulbeast 25995 (Shortbow, F+S Spirits)76%
Condi Firebrand 25934 (Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's) Solo76%
Condi Renegade 25888 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Dwarf Devastation)76%
Tank Condi Firebrand 25882 (Axe/Scepter+Torch, TB's, Master of Consecrations) w/Allies76%
Power Weaver 25845 (Staff No Conjures. Nerfed by lack of skill.)76%
Power Daredevil 25808 (Staff)76%
Condi Scourge 25747 (Scepter+Torch, Blood Magic Resses, C. Dur Runes)75%
Tank Condi Banner Berserker 25729 (Huge hitbox, Longbow/Sword+Torch, TB's)76%
Power DPS Warrior 25726 (Axe+Axe)76%
Power Dragonhunter 25724 (Scepter+Focus, Zeal+Radiance)76%
Condi Renegade 25669 (Shortbow, Assassin+Dwarf Invocation)75%
Condi Deadeye 25627 (Dagger+Dagger w/Allies)75%
Power Renegade 25570 (Sword+Sword, Assassin+Dwarf)75%
Condi Renegade 25506 (Mace+Axe, Renegade+Demon Invocation) Solo75%
Tank Condi Renegade 25387 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Demon Invocation)75%
Power Deadeye 25310 (Dagger+Dagger Auto-attack+HS+SF+Mark, Invigorating Precision)74%
Condi Firebrand 25306 (Axe+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's) Solo74%
Condi Renegade 25287 (Mace+Axe, Dwarf+Demon Devastation)74%
Condi Renegade 25269 (Mace+Axe, Renegade+Assassin Invocation) Solo74%
Condi Soulbeast 25265 (Dagger+Dagger) Stanceshare74%
Condi Banner Berserker 25232 (Sword+Torch, Renegade's)74%
Tank Condi Renegade 25174 (Mace+Axe, TB's, Dwarf+Demon Invocation)74%
Condi Weaver 25169 (F/E Scepter+Dagger, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)74%
Power Reaper 25090 (Greatsword/Axe+X)74%
Condi Revenant 24956 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Demon)73%
Power Renegade 24944 (Sword+Sword, Assassin+Demon)73%
Condi Weaver 24890 (F/E Sword+Dagger, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)73%
Condi Firebrand 24887 (Scepter+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's) Solo73%
Condi Renegade 24759 (Shortbow, Demon+Renegade Invocation) Solo73%
Condi Weaver 24687 (F/E Scepter+Focus, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)73%
Condi Firebrand 24615 (Axe+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's) Solo72%
Power Renegade 24513 (Sword+Sword, Assassin+Renegade) Solo72%
Tank Condi Firebrand 24508 (Axe+Torch, TB's, Master of Consecrations) w/Allies72%
Condi Weaver 24462 (F/E Sword+Focus, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)72%
Tank Condi Firebrand 24436 (Scepter+Torch, TB's, Master of Consecrations) w/Allies72%
Power Deadeye 24426 (Sword/X Auto-Attack)72%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 24362 (Dagger+Torch, TB's) Stanceshare72%
Condi Thief 24281 (Dagger+Dagger) w/Allies71%
Condi Weaver 24181 (F/E Staff, C. Dur. Runes, Sin. Trin.)71%
Condi Renegade 24112 (Shortbow, Demon+Assassin Devastation)71%
Power Reaper 24104 (Greatsword)71%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 24062 (Shortbow/Dagger+Torch, TB's) Stanceshare71%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 24034 (Dagger+Torch, TB's)71%
Condi Renegade 23941 (Mace+Axe, Assassin+Demon Devastation+Invocation)70%
Condi Guardian 23866 (Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's)70%
Condi Renegade 23821 (Shortbow, Assassin+Renegade Invocation) Solo70%
Tank Condi Renegade 23803 (Mace+Axe, Renegade+Demon Invocation) Solo70%
Condi Banner Berserker 23777 (Longbow/Sword+Torch, cdur. runes+Sinister trinkets)70%
Condi Daredevil 23764 (Dagger+Pistol) w/Allies70%
Condi Thief 23634 (Dagger+Pistol) w/Allies70%
Tank Condi Renegade 23606 (Mace+Axe, TB's, Assassin+Dwarf Invocation)69%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 23591 (Shortbow/Dagger+Torch, TB's)69%
Power Deadeye 23555 (Sword/Dagger Rotation)69%
Tank Condi Berserker 23549 (Longbow/Sword+Torch, TB's, Trad. rotation)69%
Condi Deadeye 23477 (Dagger+Pistol) w/Allies69%
Condi Banner Berserker 23465 (Sword+Torch, cdur. runes+Sinister trinkets)69%
Power Banner Warrior 23447 (Axe+Axe)69%
Condi Firebrand 23153 (Sword+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's) Solo68%
Tank Condi Firebrand 23091 (Sword+Torch, TB's, Master of Consecrations) w/Allies68%
Condi Daredevil 23068 (Pistol+Dagger) w/Allies68%
Tank Condi Renegade 23000 (Mace+Axe, TB's, Renegade+Dwarf Invocation) Solo68%
Condi Dragonhunter 22912 (Scepter+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's)67%
Condi Tempest 22878 (Fire Dagger/Focus, C. Dur. Runes)67%
Condi Daredevil 22847 (Shortbow+Shortbow) w/Allies67%
Condi Tempest 22838 (Fire Dagger/Warhorn, C. Dur. Runes)67%
Condi Deadeye 22679 (Pistol+Dagger) w/Allies67%
Condi Ranger 22641 (Shortbow+Shortbow)67%
Tank Condi Renegade 22607 (Mace+Axe, TB's, Renegade+Assassin Invocation) Solo66%
Condi Guardian 22507 (Scepter+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's)66%
Condi Holosmith 22500 (Pistol+Pistol Grenade Kit+Bomb Kit)66%
Condi Guardian 22433 (Sword+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's)66%
Condi Dragonhunter 22371 (Sword+Torch, Unscathed Contender, Renegade's)66%
Condi Soulbeast 22246 (Shortbow+Shortbow, F+S Spirits Spotter), Stanceshare65%
Condi Dragonhunter 22173 (Scepter+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's)65%
Condi Soulbeast 22113 (Shortbow, F+S Spirits Spotter), Stanceshare Solo65%
Tank Condi Deadeye 22076 (Dagger+Empty, TB's) w/Allies65%
Tank Condi Deadeye 22062 (Dagger+Dagger, TB's) w/Allies64%
Condi Firebrand 22048 (Sword+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's, Solo)65%
Tank Condi Berserker 22018 (Sword+Torch, TB's)65%
Power Engineer 22000 (Bomberman Rifle+Rocket Turret)65%
Tank Condi Thief 21906 (Dagger+Empty, TB's, DA+SA+Trickery) w/Allies64%
Tank Condi Thief 21831 (Dagger+Dagger, TB's, DA+SA+Trickery) w/Allies64%
Power Reaper 21901 (Axe+Warhorn)64%
Condi Holosmith 21804 (Pistol+Pistol Grenade Kit+Flamethrower)64%
Condi Soulbeast 21772 (Shortbow+Shortbow, F+S Spirits Spotter)64%
Condi Thief 21655 (Pistol+Dagger) w/Allies64%
Power Scrapper 21642 (Hammer)64%
Condi Soulbeast 21635 (Shortbow, F+S Spirits Spotter)64%
Power Deadeye 21541 (Pistol/Pistol)64%
Condi Guardian 21493 (Sword+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's)63%
Power Thief 21468 (Pistol/Pistol)63%
Condi DPS Druid 21467 (Shortbow+Shortbow)63%
Power Mightbot Herald 21462 (Sword+Sword, Assassin+Dwarf, Ex. armors)63%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 21422 (Dagger+Torch, TB's, Spotter) Stanceshare63%
Condi Engineer 21402 (Pistol+Pistol, Full Kits. Kitty can't piano enough.)63%
Condi Engineer 21282 (Pistol+Pistol Bomb+Grenade+Mortar)63%
Condi Tempest 21279 (Fire Scepter+Focus, C. Dur. Runes)63%
Power Mightbot Renegade 21009 (Sword+Sword, Assassin+Dwarf, Ex. Armors)62%
Tank Condi Banner Berserker 20995 (Sword+Torch, TBs)62%
Condi Daredevil 20956 (Dagger+Dagger) Solo62%
Power Reaper 20949 (Dagger+Focus)62%
Condi Thief 20929 (Dagger+Dagger) Solo62%
Tank Condi Daredevil 20856 (Dagger+Empty, TB's) w/Allies61%
Power Deadeye 20843 (Sword/Pistol Pistol Whips)61%
Power Renegade 20824 (Staff, Assassin+Dwarf)61%
Tank Condi Banner Berserker 20768 (Longbow/Sword+Torch, TB's)61%
Power Reaper 20764 (Axe+Focus)61%
Condi Tempest 20725 (Fire Scepter+Warhorn, C. Dur. Runes)61%
Condi Dragonhunter 20536 (Sword+Torch, Master of Consecrations, Renegade's)60%
Condi Engineer 20482 (Pistol+Pistol, Flamethrower+Bomb+Grenades)60%
Condi Holosmith 20454 (Grenade Kit)60%
Condi Thief 20313 (Shortbow+Shortbow w/Allies)60%
Condi Deadeye 20209 (Dagger+Dagger) Solo59%
Condi Tempest 19981 (Fire Scepter+Dagger, C. Dur. Runes)59%
Power Thief 19942 (Sword/X Auto-Attack)59%
Condi Deadeye 19743 (Shortbow+Shortbow) w/Allies58%
Condi Engineer 19683 (Pistol+Pistol, Flamethrower+Bomb+Mortar)58%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 19522 (Shortbow, TB's) Stanceshare57%
Power Engineer 19411 (Turret Mortarist)57%
Condi Tempest 19325 (Fire Staff, C. Dur. Runes)57%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 19251 (Shortbow, TB's)56%
Condi Engineer 19191 (Grenade Kit)56%
Power Renegade 19158 (Shortbow, Assassin+Demon, Ranged build)56%
Condi Daredevil 19084 (Dagger+Pistol) Solo56%
Condi Deadeye 19030 (Dagger+Pistol) Solo56%
Condi Thief 18916 (Dagger+Pistol) Solo56%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 18711 (Dagger+Torch, TB's, Spirits+Spotter) Stanceshare55%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 18458 (Shortbow/Dagger+Torch, TB's, Spirits+Spotter) Stanceshare54%
Boonbot Power Deadeye 17682 (Dagger+Dagger, half-exotic)52%
Power Deadeye 17611 (Pistol/Dagger)51%
Condi Deadeye 17350 (Pistol+Dagger) Solo51%
Condi Tempest 17350 (Earth Dagger/Warhorn, C. Dur. Runes)51%
Condi Engineer 17154 (Flamethrower)50%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 17007 (Shortbow, TB's, Spotter) Stanceshare50%
Condi Thief 16562 (Pistol+Dagger) Solo49%
Condi Tempest 16414 (Earth Dagger/Dagger, C. Dur. Runes)48%
Condi Engineer 15734 (Bomb Kit)46%
Condi Banner Berserker 15612 (Longbow)46%
Condi Thief 15183 (Shortbow+Shortbow) Solo45%
Condi Tempest 14922 (Earth Staff, C. Dur. Runes)44%
Condi Tempest 14710 (Earth Scepter+Dagger, C. Dur. Runes)43%
Condi Tempest 14686 (Earth Scepter+Warhorn, C. Dur. Runes)43%
Condi Engineer 14643 (Mortar Kit)43%
Tank Condi Soulbeast 14471 (Shortbow, TB's, Spirits+Spotter) Stanceshare43%
Boonbot Power Deadeye 14244 (Sword+Dagger, half-exotic)42%
Tank/Power Deadeye 13987 (Dagger/Dagger 2551 Toughness, Ex. Armors+Weapons)41%
Condi Tempest 13401 (Earth Scepter+Focus, C. Dur. Runes)39%
Boonbot Power Deadeye 13395 (Pistol/Pistol, half-exotic)39%
Tank/Power Deadeye 12607 (Sword+Dagger. 2551 Toughness, Ex. Armors+Weapons)37%
Tank/Power Deadeye 10787 (Pistol+Pistol, 2551 Toughness, Ex. Armors+Weapons)32%
Tank/Power Deadeye 10406 (Sword+Pistol Pistol Whipper. 2551 Toughness, Ex. Armors+Weapons)31%
Tank/Power Daredevil 10287 (Dagger/Dagger, Deimos Edition, 2551 Toughness, Ex. Armors+Weapons)30%
Tank/Power Daredevil 7870 (Pistol/Pistol, Deimos Edition, 2551 Toughness, Ex. Armors+Weapons)23%