Power DPS Mesmer / Chronomancer (Outdated)

Personal Single-Target DPS80%
Personal AoE-DPS20%
DPS uptime90%
CC capability75%
Support Capability25%

Power DPS Mesmer is a phantasmal single-target specialist. It's a very easy build to play with high DPS uptime as long as phantasms are alive. It's has also decent survivability thanks to sword 2 and it can be used from range (if needed) by equipping greatsword as second weapon set (useful at Deimos and VG's greens).

However, it has very weak AoE damage and in encounters with lots of adds, keeping the phantasms alive can be very challenging (for ex. Xera, Sloth and Gors). Due to way the build works, it also has a lot lower DPS outside burn phases as the phantasms stay targeted on boss when it's invulnerable (Gors, Vale Guardian and Sam as some examples). Thus it's mostly powerful at Cairn, Deimos (ranged strategy), Mursaat Overseer (if you have time to ramp-up the phantasm damage), Sabetha and Matthias Gabriel.

On top of being easy to play, power mesmer has also some nice CC/utility available with focus-pulls, Moa signet and 1-2 utility skill slots free to use for utilities depending on the fight.

Power DPS Mesmer also has a chronomancer variant which can be used for higher crit rate (if you have serious issues with crit. rate) and a damage well as well as Well of Precognition for blocks. And Well of Recall if the squad really needs some extra alacrity.

+Decent single-target DPS
+Less vulnerable to DPS downtime due to phantasms doing most of the damage
+Extremely easy to play (basic rotation is 3 buttons)
+Versatile utility-wise. Can bring focus for pulls and 2 utilities depending on situation
+Due to above, good CC

-Very low AoE damage
-Takes time to ramp up to full DPS, bad for short-phased fights
-Very reliant on phantasms for DPS
-No range on self in most fights (unless using greatsword as second weapon set in encounters with lots of ranged fighting)
-Very reliant on healer 'cause sacrifices heal to keep phantasms up.
-Requires good movement and evasion timing


Set 1:
Berserker's Sword
-Superior Sigil of Force.png Superior Sigil of Force
Berserker's Sword
-Superior Sigil of Air.png Superior Sigil of Air

Set 2:
Empty main-hand
Berserker's Torch
-Superior Sigil of Air.png
Superior Sigil of Air


-Head: Berserker's
-Shoulders: Berserker's
-Chest: Berserker's
-Gloves: Berserker's
-Legs: Berserker's
-Boots: Berserker's

-6x Superior Rune of the Scholar.pngSuperior Rune of the Scholar

Backpiece: Berserker's

Accessory 1: Berserker's
Accessory 2: Berserker's
Amulet: Berserker's
Ring 1: Berserker's
Ring 2: Berserker's

Food: Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup.png 
Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup (optimal but expensive)
Plate of Truffle Steak.png Plate of Truffle Steak (slightly weaker but lots cheaper)
Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup (for extra crit rate)
Utility: Tin of Fruitcake.png Tin of Fruitcake

There's a few alternatives for set 2's off-hand.
-If encounter requires pulling mobs together for easier cleave, use focus.
-If you really need some extra CC to break bars, use pistol.
-If there's lots of ranged fighting in the encounter, use greatsword. 

Weapon Skills


+Torch (for optimal DPS)

+Focus (for focus-pulls)

+Pistol (for CC)


Utility Skills

Main utilities

Optional utilities

-Signet of Illusion is actually optional but if you don't need other utilities and there's lots of adds to kill poor phantasms, it helps you keep them up.
-Mantra of Distraction is useful when squad needs lots of CC for breakbars.
-Feedback helps a lot at squad's alacrity upkeep at Matthias as support chronos can then bring Well of Recall.
-Mantra Of Resolve is a low-CD condicleanse which can be used as fearbreaker at Slothasor.
-Null Field does essentially same as above but requires attention to pre-cast it.

Power DPS Chrono utilities

-Use Imagined Burden instead of Power Block when greatsword equipped.

Chronomancer variant (replaces Domination):

-You can use All's Well That Ends Well instead of Delayed Reactions if you can't interrupt much.

Power DPS Mesmer is very simple to play. The important points about playing it:
-Start fight with following combo:
 1. 2nd Off-hand's phantasm skill
2. Power Spike (DPS mantra, charge before fight starts)
3. 2nd off-hand's possible damage skill
4. Weapon Swap
5. Phantasmal Swordsman
6. Signet of the Ether (resets 5.'s cooldown)
7. Phantasmal Swordsman
8. Sword 2 and auto-attack 'til you can use Phantasmal Swordsman for third time
9. Auto-attack for rest of the fight.
-Don't interrupt auto-attack chains. 3rd skill is easily recognized as lunge.
-Use sword 2 off-CD or when you need it for evade.
-After summoning 3rd Phantasmal Swordsman, swap to 2nd off-hand and use its possible damage skill off-CD for the rest of the fight, pistol 5 only when you need to CC.
-Use Power Spike whenever you have 2 charges. Always leave 1 charge so it will automatically recharge and try to avoid accidentally casting it twice or you'll need to recharge it which means 2,5 seconds of DPS time lost.

Chrono variant is essentially the same, except with faster phantasm summons (Continuum Split) and Well of Calamity added to be cast off-CD.

To start the fight:
1. Continuum Split
2. Phantasmal Swordsman
3. Well of Calamity
4. Power Spike
5. Continuum Shift
6. Phantasmal Swordsman
7. Power Spike
8. Well of Calamity
9. Signet of the Ether
10. Phantasmal Swordsman
11. Auto-attack for the rest of the fight.
-Keep an eye on how many illusions you have out so you can immediately re-summon them if needed.
-Don't interrupt auto-attack chain
-Use sword 2 off-CD or when you need it for evade.
-Use Well of Calamity off-CD.
-If you need to CC quick, use Continuum Split -> Moa Signet to have Moa available every 90 seconds.
-Use Phantasmal Swordsman again if one of the phantasms dies. Twice by using Signet of Ether if 2 phantasms die.

Kitty personally has problems with keeping an eye out for illusion count. 25% of the fight with just 2 illusions out...it really hurts the poor DPS. q.q


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