Revenant is a heavy armor profession introduced with Heart of Thorns. It invokes various legends to empower and gain new skills with 2 utility skill sets to use at a time, one for each of the currently invoked legends. Demon Mallyx the Unyielding grants revenant some corruption-related skills, Assassin Shiro Tagachi enhances speed and turns enemies into stone, Great Dwarf Jalis Ironhammer gives protection and Centaur Ventari let you use Ventari's tablet to cleanse and heal your allies.
Revenant's skill set is quite melee-focused with hammer as the only ranged weapon. Revenant's weapons usually have one decent CC and one evading damage skill, with some exceptions. Among heavy armor professions, revenant has a mediocre health pool.

Builds Role
 Condi DPS Revenant DPS
 Condi DPS Renegade DPS

Kitty wasn't even playing GW2 at the time Heart of Thorns was released and from what she has heard, revenant used to have very powerful support skills until they were nerfed to same level as other professions. This left a stigma of "nerfed to oblivion" in the minds of many and with late changes powering up condirev it has become somewhat accepted again.


Revenant was released at the same time as elite specs and as such, it got "Herald" as the supportive 6th spec. Herald allows revenant to use a shield to block attack and grant protection to allies. Most noticeable feature was the new utility skills from the Legendary Dragon Glint. They grant allies various boons when activated and cast various damaging conditions on enemies when consumed. Herald also gains Facet of Nature as F2-skill. It increases the boon duration of nearby allies when activated and grants various boons when consumed.

Due to huge nerf to dragon stance utilities after launch ('cause giving boons to unlimited amount of targets was just too OP), herald became very unpopular and even now it's only wanted to lure Soul Feast at Deimos despite its supportive capabilities and Ventari's strong mobile AoE-heals that grant alacrity to compliment the new support proficiency.


 With Path of Fire, revenant get another damaging elite spec "Renegade" which invokes the power of renegade Kalla Scorchrazor and her warband to attack enemies and support allies. Renegade allows revenant to use shortbow to apply conditions from range and renegade's crits and attacks from behind also grant Kalla's Fervor which greatly enhances renegade's attacks.

As such, with the traits and skills given, renegade can pretty much be summed as the new condispec for rev, replacing Invocation in condirev's specializations. Its elite skill  Soulcleave's Summit grants allies with very strong life-siphoning buff and for that reason, Condirenegade can be expected to be a very welcome member to any party.
Though Orders From Above does grant alacrity, it's quite useless as of now due to alacrity's short duration, long cooldown and heavy energy cost.