Power DPS Thief / Deadeye (Outdated)

+Stable damage
+Extremely easy to play
+Relatively good at chasing the target (Thief variant)
+Dual Pistol variant does full damage up to 900 range
+Dual Pistol Deadeye is almost self-supplied boons-wise
+Tankier than it looks when using Invigorating Precision for heals
+Very cheap to gear up

-Squishy (when not using Invigorating Precision)
-Somewhat weak AoE damage (D/D variant), 0 AoE damage (P/P variant)
-Lacks burst damage
-Noticeably lower damage potential (though extremely easy to use 100% of it)
-Relies on allies CC-wise (shared Basilisk Venom)
-Somewhat selfish support-wise

Dagger/Dagger variant

Personal Single-Target DPS75%
Personal AoE-DPS35%
DPS uptime80%
Survivability (with Invigorating Precision)70%
CC capability45%
Support Capability25%

Pistol/Pistol variant

Personal Single-Target DPS62%
Personal AoE-DPS0%
DPS uptime100%
Survivability (with Invigorating Precision)75%
CC capability55%
Support Capability25%

Power DPS thief/deadeye with dagger/dagger and pistol/pistol variants are really easy to play with decent, stable DPS albeit with noticeably lower damage potential compared to metabuilds. But due to extreme ease of playing the build, it's really easy to pull out the full potential.

There's 2 main variants: dagger/dagger which has higher damage potential but lower DPS uptime at moving bosses due to being full melee, and pistol/pistol which has only ~60-65% damage potential of metabuilds but perhaps the most complete DPS uptime of any builds available due to being a fully ranged build.

Specs-wise, there's some variants depending on if the boss applies "Revealed"-status (mainly Deimos).

Dagger/Dagger variant
Set 1:
Berserker's Dagger
-Superior Sigil of Force.png Superior Sigil of Force
Empty Off-Hand

Set 2:
Empty main-hand
Berserker's Dagger
-Superior Sigil of Air.png
Superior Sigil of Air

Pistol/Pistol variant
Set 1:
Berserker's Pistol
-Superior Sigil of Force.png Superior Sigil of Force
Empty Off-Hand

Set 2:
Empty main-hand
Berserker's Pistol
-Superior Sigil of Air.png
Superior Sigil of Air



-Head: Berserker's
-Shoulders: Berserker's
-Chest: Berserker's
-Gloves: Berserker's
-Legs: Berserker's
-Boots: Berserker's

-6x Superior Rune of the Scholar.pngSuperior Rune of the Scholar

Backpiece: Berserker's

Accessory 1: Berserker's
Accessory 2: Berserker's
Amulet: Berserker's
Ring 1: Berserker's
Ring 2: Berserker's

Food: Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup.png 
Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup (optimal but expensive)
Plate of Truffle Steak.png Plate of Truffle Steak (slightly weaker but lots cheaper)
Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup (for extra crit rate)
Utility: Tin of Fruitcake.png Tin of Fruitcake

-You can use daggers in set 1 and pistol in set 2 to have good damage both at melee and range. However, you lose some of the initiative generation by doing that.

Weapon Skills

Dagger/Dagger (Full Melee)

Pistol/Pistol (Ranged)

Utility Skills

Main utilities

Optional utilities

These replace Infiltrator's Signet.
-Tripwire is a good AoE CC with somewhat low CD
-Devourer Venom is power thief/deadeye's strongest utility CC but relies on allies using those attacks on target immediately. It can also be used to immobilize the target, which can prove very useful against Gorseval's spirits and Deimos' Pride ghosts. Also the best choice for Samarog and fast-break Gorseval for CC.
-Deadeye's Binding Shadow has single-target CC equal to Tripwire with very long range (1200) but 20% longer CD.

-You can use Invigorating Precision for extra survivability (Read: invulnerable as long as landing hits).

Deadeye variant:

-You can use Revealed Malice for faster malice generation when playing D/D variant.

Dagger/Dagger variant

Dagger/Dagger thief/deadeye ish quite simple as you essentially play Bloodcovered Backstabbin' Blackjack the Blade. Kitty suggests using mainly CS/DA/Trickery for higher damage bonus uptime as Malice takes too long to stack up properly, though replace DA with DE at Cairn or if you can't rely on booners for good boon uptimes.
-It's mostly auto-attacking.
-Use Cloak and Dagger -> Backstab whenever you have initiative and you're not revealed (Revealed lasts for 3 seconds after Backstab) (until 25% left). And remember, thieves do it from behind. (for double damage)
-Spam Heartseeker for last 25%, start the spam preferably when initiative is almost full.
-Try to use Steal and Weapon Swap as often as possible for optimal initiative generation.
-Just auto-attack if when you can't flank the boss. This can occasionally happen at MO, badly tanked VG, Matthias, Sabetha and Cairn.
If you use Dagger+Dagger/Pistol+Pistol, replace Trickery with Deadeye.

Pistol/Pistol variant

Pistol/Pistol variant is probably even easier than dagger/dagger variant, though with lower damage potential compensated by insanely high DPS uptime. Seriously, as long as you're within 900 range from boss (and boss isn't invulnerable), you'll do full DPS. Use CS/Trickery/DE with this variant (except first 3 bosses in wing 4. Replace Deadeye with Deadly Arts there).

So, how's the rotation?
-Spam Unload and when you run out of initiative at some point, auto-attack 'til you have 6 initiative and spam Unload.
-Use Malice(/Steal) and Weapon Swap off-CD.
-Use Basilisk Venom, Headshot and possible CC-utility when you see a blue breakbar.
That's it. It's braindead. Anyone should be capable of pulling decent boss damage with this build (surprisingly high due to insane DPS uptime).
If you play this build, don't go kiting too much, though. This build shines best at around 200-300 range from boss as it still gets the boons in full but has a lot easier time avoiding those ports at VG and Cairn.

Oh, and this build is also really good with mechanics. Need a greener for VG? You got it. Need someone to take the flak from Sabetha? You got it. Don't have double entangle for Gors' spirits? You got the 4th spirit stopped. Need an orb clearer at Gors? You got it.

What's bad about this build? It has 0 AoE damage. No cleave. At all.
So don't play this variant at Slothasor, Keep Construct and Xera. Seriously. And don't Unload much during Gors' rampage or you insta-kill yourself to retaliation. This build's low damage potential is also quite a hindrance at MO, just use D/D there.
But this build shines quite nicely at Deimos (ranged), Cairn, VG and Matthias, also decent for Gors, Sab and Samarog.