Video Archive

Here's list of Kitty's guide and gameplay videos on her youtube channel.

Guide and other random videos:
Turreting Tequatl
Kitty's Winterberry farming route
Orrian Deadrun - Malchor's Leap
Orrian Deadrun - Cursed Shore

Healer/Tank/Area Denial Guardian in Temple of the Silent Storm
Healer/Tank/Area Denial Guardian in Eternal Coliseum
Healer/Tank/Area Denial Guardian in Forest of Niflhel

Vale Guardian (Condi-DPS/Quickness Support Firebrand)
T4 Snowblind (Power DH)

T4 Chaos (Power DH)
T4 Nightmare (Power DH)
Vale Guardian (Condiguard)
T4 Chaos (Condiguard)

T4 Underground Facility (Condiguard)
T4 Urban Battleground (Condiguard)
T4 Thaumanova Reactor (Condiguard)
T4 Nightmare - Siax the Unclean (Condiguard)
T4 Nightmare - Ensolyss (Condiguard)
Training Vale Guardian (Healtank guard)
T4 Uncategorized (Healerguard)
T4 Chaos (Healerguard)
T4 Urban Battleground (Healerguard)

Mursaat Overseer (Condirev)
Samarog (Condirev)
Stronghold Escort (Condirev, incomplete)
T4 Snowblind (Condirev)

T4 Volcanic (Condirev)
T4 Uncategorized (Condirev)
T4 Aetherblade (Condirev)
T4 Thaumanova (Condirev)
T4 Molten Boss (Condirev)

T4 Nightmare (Condirev)
Cairn the Indomitable (Kiter Healer Herald)
T4 Uncategorized (Healer Herald)

Stronghold Escort (Condi PS Berserker, ground)
Stronghold Escort (Condi DPS Berserker, backwarg)
T4 Urban Battleground (Condi PS Berserker)
T4 Cliffside (Condi PS Berserker)
T4 Chaos (Condi PS Berserker)
T4 Molten Boss (Condi PS Berserker)

Cairn the Indomitable (Condiengi)
Mursaat Overseer (Condiengi)
Samarog (Condiengi)

Vale Guardian (Condiranger)
Stronghold Escort - Backwarg (Condiranger)
T4 Mai Trin (Condiranger)
T4 Cliffside (Condiranger)
T4 Volcanic (Condiranger)
T4 Urban Battleground (Condiranger)
T4 Uncategorized (Condiranger)
T4 Molten Boss (Condiranger)
T4 Nightmare - Ensolyss (Condiranger)
Gorseval the Multifarious (Healer Druid, no updrafts)
T4 Solid Ocean (Healer Druid)

Cairn the Indomitable (Condi-DD)
T4 Nightmare (Condi-DD)
Samarog (Power DD)
T4 Cliffside (Power DD)
T4 Chaos (Power DD)

T4 Snowblind (Power-DD)
T4 Volcanic (Power DD)
T4 Urban Battleground (Power DD)
T4 Underground Facility (Power DD)
T4 Nightmare - Ensolyss (Power-DD)

Mursaat Overseer (Derpy Conditempest)
T4 Molten Boss (Conditempest)

T4 Chaos (Conditempest)
T4 Nightmare - M.A.M.A (Normal, Conditempest)
T4 Nightmare - Ensolyss (Conditempest)

Vale Guardian (Condi Mesmer)

Gorseval the Multifarious (Condi Mesmer)
Samarog (Condi Mesmer)
Deimos (Condi Mesmer, oilfail at ~25%)
T4 Swampland (Condi Mesmer)
T4 Volcanic (Condi Mesmer)
T4 Thaumanova Reactor (Condi Mesmer)
T4 Underground Facility (Condi Mesmer, Dredge boss)
T4 Molten Boss (Condi Mesmer
Cairn the Indomitable (Power Mesmer)
Samarog (Power Mesmer)
T4 Nightmare (Power Mesmer)
Samarog (Condi Mesmer)

Cairn the Indomitable (Support Chronomancer)
Mursaat Overseer (Claim Tankchrono)
Gorseval the Multifarious (No Updrafts, Tankchrono)
Sabetha the Saboteur (Support Chronomancer, fail at 13%)
T4 Molten Boss (Support Chronomancer)
T4 Mai Trin (Support Chronomancer)

T4 Nightmare (Power Reaper)